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  • Alexander Bykovskiy

March update - We got Salt!

"Testing leads to failure, and failure leads to understanding." - Burt Rutan

In this brief update we will share the status of our project, some issues and patenting status! With commissioning finished, and entering operational phase, we keep testing and optimizing! Today we can share that we collected the first batch of crystallized salt. At the moment our testing solution is a 12% salt without other minerals.

When we set out on this journey to develop a reliable and scalable system for brine recycling we were aware of the challenges that come with R&D. This is the first project of many that we intend to tackle in the industry. We are excited to move our system to the next phase and address the problems we faced.

While we have a long way to go, this step proves some important aspects of our system. A few observations we can share are:

  1. Energy recovery is crucial for these types of systems.

  2. Importance of selecting the right materials and predicting how they expand and contract together within the system.

  3. Glass cleaning needs creative solutions.

We identified multiple areas of improvement to make the system better. We will continue to test and iterate on different aspects, focusing on generating more heat, and improving energy recovery.

Maintenance is another crucial aspect. In the future post we will share our glass cleaning findings which of course is one of the biggest factors in concentrated solar system performance.

We are excited to keep working on this project and to see how it develops!

Our system is now officially patent-pending!

This marks a big milestone for our company moving forward. It's important to protect your work when you're developing a new product. This will help us protect our overall system design and some crucial aspects that affect performance.

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